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Congratulations HEARST community, the new School Quality Ratings were released and HEARST is now a Level 2+ school! See the report HERE

For those who aren't aware, every school in CPS is given one of five ratings, either a 1+, 1, 2+, 2, or 3. Last year HEARST, based on the data from two years ago, was a level 2 school (off of probation) but not removed from provisional supports. Several metrics kept HEARST from achieving LEVEL 1 rating, but based on last year's data the school showed more gains and achieved an overall weighted score of 3.2! That is a 60% increase!!! We have worked extremely hard to get here. Please reflect on the great work you have done and the next steps you will take to build your capacity and the Results of our students. Hearst will attain a LEVEL 1 when we reach 3.5 total weighted points on the SQRP.

That’s an increase of just over 9%. Our LEVEL 1 status will depend on the work we do to increase rigor and ensure that EVERY student receives Standards based instruction. HEARST is a school on the RISE

Congratulations to all the faculty, staff, students, parents, and community!

Hearst Achieves "Healthy School" Certification

With many, many thanks to the persistent efforts of Ms. Martin and Ms. Robinson, Hearst Elementary has earned its Healthy Schools Certification. This honor symbolizes recognition for meeting rigorous criteria for in-school celebrations, classroom rewards, participation in meal programs, opportunities for physical activity, healthy fundraisers and nutrition education. For more information about Hearst's healthy food policy, click here.